Personal Branding

To care for your image: the result by the means.

E-reputation and Personal Branding: What’s the difference?

E-REPUTATION is the result of building a digital existence on social networks and on the web. Digital awareness is therefore very important if you want to control your image and your publications. The online tools (on the web and networks) that I propose will also serve you in real life (off-line). Because well-managed communication gives a secure public life.

It is thanks to the PERSONAL BRANDING, that is to say the set of tools made available to improve your image, that we improve your e-reputation.

Examples of personal branding:

  • Creation or improvement of your Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram accounts
  • Creation of your graphic style
  • Setting up your editorial line
  • Realisation or redesign of websites
  • Becoming a brand ambassador
  • Create or improvement of your Wikipedia page
  • Protocol of responses to crisis management