Digital transformation

Digital transformation : first and foremost oriented toward the human!

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘digital transformation’ in business. This can be reflected in many aspects of your services. So do you think it’s all about buying  brand new accounting software, and setting up electronic ID badges to finally be digital?

Digital is a word used in many cases and can signify many things, but is often meaningless. If in the end, we want to be at the forefront of the latest technologies, let’s not forget the essence of business: the human.

The digital transformation of a company, a service or even a person makes sense when we place the human in the heart of the objective. Digital is neither more nor less than a sum of tools answering to human problems.

Successful businesses in the last 10 years have simply responded to needs, or offered services.

In addition to the problems that you have already posed since you became aware that it was necessary to evolve, the first questions to ask before any ‘digitalisation’ must be aimed towards the people: your customers, your fans, your community, your employees.

What solutions do I want to bring in terms of services for me and my partners? Am I responding to one or more problems or requests?

There is even a term used to put yourself in the place of users : UX (‘User Experience’).

This step should not be overlooked. It can really improve your turnover as well as the well-being of people who will have these tools perfectly adapted to their needs.