Celebrity Digital Coaching

The tools we call PERSONAL BRANDING are there to help you achieve this goal of awareness and control of your image.

Your career is a big deal

The career of a celebrity is an important issue, because taking care of your image can affect your real life, your private one.

It is therefore essential to be guided and helped to grow your career, while controlling your image and respecting your privacy.

Privacy is required

Our meeting and your personal information will be in the utmost confidentiality and discretion. A working relationship can only be established in trust and respect for everyone’s privacy. Your private and public life is in good and trustworthy hands.

Only with your agreement, would your work be published online or elsewhere.

Setting up your digital strategy

Once your problems and needs are analysed, we would develop a strategy, the one that suits you, and that you agree to both in terms of time and investment. Several strategies are possible:

  • Start or improve your presence on the web and social networks
  • Create or improve your brand image and reputation
  • Change your image and manage crises and ‘bad buzz’
  • Become a brand ambassador
  • Appeals for casting
  • Etc.
Refonte de sites internet - Redesign of websites

Choosing the right tools

With your communication strategy decided upon, we can put it in place with the right tools; according to what you have decided. If you already have them in place, a redesign or update may be necessary to improve your performance and image.

Here are the main tools and means put in place that I offer:

  • Editorial strategy for your social networks
  • Creation or redesign of your website
  • Animation of your fan community
  • Creation or improvement of your Wikipedia page
  • Creation or improvement of your Youtube channel


In collaboration with press officers, magazines or sites, I prepare:

  • Creation of your press releases
  • Highlighting your digital tools in these releases

Interview preparation

An interview can not be improvised. You have to be psychologically prepared.

To anticipate the questions is to control what one wants to say and not to regret what is published. Because the best way to control your communication is sometimes not to talk about it!

I can offer you:

  • An list of potential questions that can be asked
  • A staging with exercises of elocution and behavior
  • An implementation of the communication strategy to be held

Crisis management and ‘bad buzz’

Mastering your image is not just about producing content and improving your image, you’ll also need to know how to cope with the unexpected, malicious people and ‘bad buzz’.

Not managing a crisis is exposing yourself to multiplying mistakes and leaving behind a deteriorated image.

I put in place protocols that allow you to respond effectively to all claims and requests you may need in a crisis.

Present almost 24 hours a day every day for crisis management!

Let’s meet each other, I’m here to help and advise you