Business creation

To leave with a good foundation, from the start,
I accompany you in the realization of your needs in visual and editorial communication.

Communication strategy and digital technology for business creation

Business creation is often a long and complex process, both at the administrative level and at the financial and strategic level.

Then comes the creation of the image that we want to present.

Visual communication but also strategic communication.

I facilitate these steps and help you achieve:

  • Your initial communication strategy
  • Your editorial line and content writing
  • Your visual communication by creating your logo and your graphic identity
  • Your website, your blog or your e-shop
  • Your social accounts such Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
  • Your emailing and newsletter creation
  • Your email campaign management

Asking the right questions and determining the right goals are all important starting points for getting your business up and running.

Once launched, you are and will always be the expert in your field, and will be able to make it known to the world thanks to good communication.